The Bahamas are located in the Atlantic Ocean and represent an archipelago of 700 islands of the Caribbean Bay. Of all the islands only 30 are inhabited. Bahamas - are a popular place for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, vacation, happy hanging out with friends, as well as an exotic relaxing holiday.

Here you can see the endless beaches and underwater tunnels and coral reefs and wrecks with their treasure, which adds an adventurous character to the leisure in this area. Popular places of active recreation are Andros, Berry, Abacos, Eleuthera, Exuma, Long Island and Bimini. At one time Caribbean Bay was glorified by great Ernest Hemingway as one of the best places for fishing.

The Bahamas have long been considered a symbol of luxury and leisure. After gaining independence in 1973, the Bahamas started to intensively develop tourism and banking. Today Bahamas are one of the largest resort areas in the Western Hemisphere and one of the richest countries in the Caribbean region, as are often called - "Caribbean Switzerland".

The islands have a unique flora and fauna, which are protected by local authorities. Tourists will be interested to visit at least a few of the 25 protected areas, watch countless beautiful birds such as the pink flamingo. And in Abaco National Park, you can feed from your hands exotic animals. For diving enthusiasts the best match is the north-east coast, where they will be able to appreciate the beauty of the underwater world and swim with dolphins and even watch the sharks.

Bahamas - are a perfect place for a quality holiday, an oasis of beauty and a wide array of relaxation.

Bahamas Bahamas Bahamas


Acapulco - is a resort town in Mexico, with a population of more than 688,000 people. It is known as the Riviera of America or "Pearl of the Pacific", because it is one of the most picturesque resorts on the Pacific coast. Year-round recreation, gorgeous climate, golden beaches and a bonus in the form of a perfect tan made Acapulco a favorite destination for Hollywood stars.

This world-famous resort may offer an amazing holiday to tourists with different tastes and budgets. Along the scenic shores of a large bay there are many hotels to choose from.

You can spend your holiday visiting the Papagayo National Park which brought together all kinds of parrots. In the same park three artificial lakes was created, and the pirate ship is floating at one of them. The park has a water park and the Papagayo observatory equipped with powerful telescopes.

One of the highlights of Acapulco is the attraction of professional divers, located on the cliffs of La Quebrada. Divers jump into the water from a height of 45 m, such jumps are particularly spectacular at night when torches are held by jumpers. Only the most experienced can cope with difficult and dangerous jumps, accuracy is very important!

For fans of the nightlife, Acapulco will look like paradise, as it's full of nightclubs. Namely, exciting nightlife of Acapulco, made this resort so famous, and when you go to this city, you can't help having fun all night long.

Acapulco Acapulco Acapulco


Great Barrier Reef - a paradise for diving

Great Barrier Reef - is one of the natural wonders of the world. The size of the Great Barrier Reef is comparable with the territory of the United Kingdom and Ireland combined, it brings together more than a thousand of coral islands, being home to a huge variety of the most beautiful fish and other marine life. Clean water, magnificent corals, bio-diversity and outlandish have brought the Great Barrier Reef to the first lines in the top charts of the most popular dive destinations in the world.

From the school course we know that the Great Barrier Reef - is the largest reef system in the world. In 1979, the Australian Government established the National Park designed to save approximately 3 thousand reefs and 1 thousand of coral islands.

The temperature of air and water on the Great Barrier Reef almost all year round remains at the same level of 17 ° C in summer and 31 ° C in winter, spring and autumn.

Swimming is possible at the resort year-round, but October to May in the waters of the northern coast there are poisonous jellyfish. For your comfort, swimming places are fenced with special nets or visitors are given protective suits for swimming.

The transparency of water is up to 30 m. The Great Barrier Reef - is a unique living organism over 2,300 km long. It attracts thousands of tourists from around the world, excited about unprecedented beauty: white sand beaches, dazzling coral and variety of marine life and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

Needless to say that no word can ever fully describe all the splendor of this wonder of nature.

Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef Great Barrier Reef


The Atlantic coast of Portugal - is a true beach paradise. Algarve - is the southernmost province of Portugal and the most famous resort town in the country. The resort stretches along 150 km of sandy and pebble beaches. In addition to the beaches, Algarve attracts tourists from all over the world for its hills, bushes and almond and orange trees, ancient Roman villas, Moorish castles and Gothic cathedrals! A true nature lovers can see in the National Park "Ria Formosa" colony of pink flamingos which have long ago taken a liking to these places.

Beaches - are the main asset of this resort. Interestingly, there are both equipped beaches with every comfort and desert areas, beaches for nudists, and even beaches specially equipped for people with disabilities.

Here in Portugal, in Algarve, the world's largest resort complex is located with hotels, bars, shops, casinos and clubs.

Despite the fact that Algarve is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the climate is typically Mediterranean. Planning a holiday in Algarve can be year-round, but from May to September the weather is particularly good.

Algarve - is a unique soft, wonderful climate, 300 sunny days a year and the coast with fine white sand. Summer here begins in April and lasts until October, temperature during this period is 25-30 degrees and in winter - 15-18, the water in the summer is 21-24, in winter - 13-15.

The coastal waters are famous for the resort beaches of exceptional purity and water. 83 out of 179 beaches have the status of "Golden Quality" assigned by the Portuguese Environmental Association Quercus, 48 beaches have been granted a "Blue Flag" by the European Union.

Algarve - is a European developed resort with an extensive system of roads, a variety of museums, attractions, monuments, modern shopping centers, as well as what is needed for a family holiday: zoos, dolphinariums, water parks. A long time this place of rest has been marked as favorite by experienced tourists.

Going to the Algarve, you can find lots of ways to entertain: the hunt for sharks, yachting, bullfights, the opportunity to visit neighboring Spain and Morocco, four water parks, dolphinarium "ZooMarin", numerous playgrounds and school courses, excellent tennis courts and a tennis school, a second class European diving Club and excellent conditions for this sport. Luxurious discos, among which the most popular is disco "Cadoc" which will ensure exciting nightlife at this wonderful resort.

Don’t forget that another attractive feature of Algarve resort is its good and inexpensive seafood restaurants. Among the sea entertainments there are diving, ocean fishing, walking in the water along the coast.

Algarve Algarve Algarve



Marbella City - is one of the most expensive and prestigious resorts in Spain. The resort is located on the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Marbella belongs to the region of Andalusia, and is located between Málaga and the Straits of Gibraltar. Typical view of Marbella - is a mountain on one side and the Mediterranean coast - on the other. The city is protected from the north winds by the mountains of Sierra Blanca, creating in this place a privileged microclimate. The average annual temperature is 18 degrees. In the year there are 320 days of sunshine, rainfall is usually in December and January. Weather of Marbella is equally warm all year round and it is convenient for travelers to visit this city at any time of the year.

The resort is considered one of the finest in Spain. Many celebrities and important persons often have a rest here. In and around the city there are many golf courses and prestigious tennis school.

Also resort of Marbella will be interesting for cultural tourism, because it is in this area traces of human habitation were discovered relating to the Old Stone Age. The city has a historical center which holds many architectural monuments of Arab and other cultures. Among the significant heritage, there are exhibits of original sculptures by Salvador Dali.

Cultural life in Marbella is saturated both with national holidays, and its own cultural events. One of the most outstanding are the International Opera Festival in Marbella, held in August, the festival of reggae music (in July), the International Film Festival or the festival of independent theater. International Jazz Festival takes place in June in the historic center of the city, on the open areas on the waterfront or on yachts in the port of the city.

And, of course, the local Cuisine of Marbella is based on dishes from fish and seafood. In addition, along with the traditional gastronomy in Marbella there are restaurants of cuisines of many countries.

Marbella Marbella Marbella


Rogaska Slatina

Slovenian thermal resort Rogaska Slatina with its age-old tradition is one of the oldest and most famous wellness centers and health resorts of Europe. The archaeological excavations and the remains of a Roman road prove that the territory of Rogaska Slatina, was known to the Celts and Romans. The resort is located in the northeast of Slovenia, at an altitude of 228 meters above sea level. Distance from Rogaska to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana - is 108 km.

Due to the unique mineral water "Donat Mg" and excellent location, as well as experience and expertise, this resort is considered one of the most beautiful, famous and professionally trained medical tourist destinations in Europe. Rest in these places is of prestige, attractive and becomes a tradition for Slovenian and foreign guests.

The mainstay of treatment at Rogaska Slatina are natural factors that are closely associated with drinking mineral water, balneotherapy and dietetic food. Since 1985, the resort was registered as a center for the prevention and recovery of the body in cases of gastrointestinal diseases and diseases associated with metabolism.

Complex "Terme Rogaska" was built in the territory, consisting of several interconnected pools with thermal water, an area of 860 m², with a water temperature of 30-36 C. °.

Indications for treatment of diseases:

·         chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct;

·         a chronic disease of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum;

·         chronic pancreatitis;

·         diseases of the small and large intestine;

·         postoperative rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal tract;

·         diseases of the digestive system;

·         diabetes;

·         increasing fat levels in blood;

·         increased uric acid in the blood;

·         obesity;

·         osteoporosis;

·         anorexia nervosa;

·         various types of Porphyry;

·         psychosomatic diseases in the narrow sense;

·         Rehabilitation of degenerative rheumatic diseases;

·         post-traumatic rehabilitation.

In the resort you can obtain the following spectrum of medical services:

Diagnostics in Gastroenterology, Cardiology, X-ray and ultrasound examination, hematological and biochemical laboratory, psychotherapeutic activities, gynecological, dermatological, varicology dispensaries, medical cosmetics, aesthetic and plastic surgery, hair transplantation, recovery of epidermal hair, Liposuction.

Rogaska Slatina Rogaska Slatina Rogaska Slatina