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About the Company

Travel company GLOBAL AIR is a professional Travel Agent in business, international and domestic tourism, for both companies and for individual travelers, offering unique and personalized tour product, since it takes into account your requests.

Company mission is to manage joy of travel anywhere across the globe, preserving nature and environment for future generations.

History of GLOBAL AIR originates in 2000. Accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association) in 2002 it was acknowledged as the leading company in managing business and guided tours across Kazakhstan and Central Asia; in 2006 the Company was granted the Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001, and it is the only travel agency in Kazakhstan to gain the world class Certificate of Quality System ISO:9001-2001.

Today GLOBAL AIR is a chartered member of Kazakhstan Travel Association (KTA).

This partnership integrates global efforts, best practices and world scale with the understanding of the local travel market to provide special benefits to clients ensuring continuously world class top quality of services and advisory.

Company experience paired with the cutting-edge technologies allows us to provide unique solutions, high qualified services and cut the costs for the customers.

The business concept of GLOBAL AIR is based on Travel Management principle materialized in practice, primarily, through personnel qualification, which is evidenced by the staff certification in IATA, Amadeus, Galileo, and numerous awards and testimonials of air companies and experts about the agency.

Our benefits:

  • Stable company with 15 years of experience in the tourism industry;
  • The branch network of offices and implants in Kazakhstan in cities such as Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Aksai, Aktobe, Shymkent, Uralsk;
  • Reliable partner network with primary service providers around the world, the ability to provide services efficiently;
  • Information support through a 24/7 Call Center;
  • English-speaking staff, a certified company;
  • High standards of service (availability of international certificates and awards in the industry);
  • The client base of more than 350 national and international companies;
  • Free delivery of air and rail / train tickets across Kazakhstan, consulting services.

Commitment to improvement in the company over the years remains unchanged!

Top management are always open for a feedback:

General Director – Gulden Ospanova (

Deputy to General Director – Guzel Davletova (

Deputy to General Director – Daniel M. Shklovskiy (

Business Development Director – Lev Shklovskiy (

Sales Director – Elena Murzina (



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