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Ecological and ethnic tourism in Kazakhstan

The most visited regions of Kazakhstan are the Capital Region and Astana, Almaty and Almaty region, and southern Kazakhstan and Shymkent and Turkestan. But the list of places for compulsory attendance, the so-called “must see”, exists in all regions of Kazakhstan, and each of them will conquer the visitors with their grandeur and beauty.

North Kazakhstan, which includes the country's capital - Astana, attracts tourists from different countries, not only for business trips but also for the tourist preferences. Astana intends to become one of the best cities in the world. Even now the capital of Kazakhstan is called the city of the XXI century. Here, in the open-air museum, in the ethno-memorial complex "Map of Kazakhstan" Atameken ", you can visualize the entire territory of Kazakhstan with attractions, where each object is reproduced in miniature. Also an important point in the study of history of the region is visiting the archaeological site of ancient settlement Buzuk near Astana, which eventually will become an integral part of the capital.

To the north of Astana it is close at hand to Kazakhstan's "Little Switzerland", the name given to the resort Borovoye. Lakes in the beautiful rocky terrain, country roads in the shade of tall century-old pine trees, fresh air, motels, boarding houses and hotels for every taste - all this is about the resort Borovoye. Rest in ecologically clean area in the middle of beautiful nature with the ability to improve their health on the basis of therapeutic resorts and pump rooms attract tourists from different regions of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

Most of the Central Kazakhstan is occupied by Saryarka plateau, which preserves the memory of the once living in these areas ancient tribes. Saryarka - is a land of great mountains Ulytau, amazing mounds with "shallache", whole galleries of rock paintings of ancient artists. The preserved historical monuments of different times allow us to trace the chronology and to come close to the modern period. If you stop, particularly in the period of the Soviet Union, it is in the Karaganda region of central Kazakhstan we find preserved monuments of the Soviet past sad constituent of Kazakhstan presented the Karaganda corrective labor camp (Karlag) and Akmola camp of wives of traitors (A.L.ZH.I.R – acronym by first letters of Russian words composing the name of the camp). Ecotourism in Central Kazakhstan, is possible in Karkaraly National Park, where you can go hiking, horseback, skiing (in winter) or cycling. In addition, you can go to a favorite lake Balkhash.

Ecological tourism in East Kazakhstan anticipates all expectations due to Altai mountains, with the mystical Mount Belukha, which is considered along with Tibet to be one of the places where the legendary Shambhala is located. Here, in the Altai, the largest by area Katon-Karagay State National Natural Park is located in Kazakhstan with an area of 643,477 hectares of land. Flora and fauna of the natural park situated in the mountains captures and brings the indescribable delight. The nature of the region is complemented by unparalleled beauty of the log cabins houses, herds of horses and maral (Siberian red deer) farming which in this region has a therapeutic focus - Antler treatment. It also is worth visiting Rakhmanov and Bukhtarma reservoir in the Altai.

South Kazakhstan – the richest in attractions from all over Kazakhstan. Almaty is called the southern or the cultural capital of the country which used to be so officially until 1997. Nature has blessed southeastern Kazakhstan with enormous wealth. Mountains of the Western Tien Shan and the Trans-Ili Alatau are probably the most attractive for tourism in the area. Ecotourism is thriving among the high peaks of glaciers, coniferous forests, hiking trails, ski resorts and a wide variety of activities in tourism in these areas. Almaty region delights by such natural resources as the Valley of castles in "Charyn Canyon"; Singing dunes, Kolsai lakes, Big Almaty Lake, Turgen waterfalls among the mountain gorges, and this is only part of the whole variety of things to see in these areas. The most visited sites of ethnic tourism in the region of South Kazakhstan are: Gallery of petroglyphs Tamgaly, Saki mounds, the navel of the Earth - Ungurtas near Almaty, Otrar, ancient city of Turkestan and the sacred mountain Kazygurt in South Kazakhstan.

The vast region of Western Kazakhstan has great potential for eco-tourism. The Ural River, which is a natural border between Europe and Asia runs along two areas of western Kazakhstan, and its floodplain in spring and summer forms the entire lake. The Caspian Sea and its coast in Aktau - is an opportunity to have a beach holiday from June to September. Ethnic tourism is highly developed in the Mangistau region. This place has preserved underground mosques, cemeteries and burial places of 362 saints, among which a special position in the Muslim world belongs to Sufi Becket-Ata.


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