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Corporate services

Corporate services

Any businessman in the current market conditions, feels the need for business travel to hold meetings with partners and colleagues, training, entering into any new businesses, make new contacts. Geography and frequency of movement are determined by the traditions of doing business chosen by the company, and are not always limited to one region - it may be one of the cities of Kazakhstan and any country in the world. Obviously, there is a question about arranging this business travel for employees, usually on a tight schedule and budget.

Selecting a tourist agency for permanent cooperation, leaders are facing the following main tasks:

  • reliability and high quality of services

  • saving budget of travel on flexible terms of payment,

  • optimizing the cost of business travel,

  • wide range of services,

  • information support,

  • additional services.

GLOBAL AIR, a travel agency, specializes in providing a whole range of services for the organization of official visits from booking of flight to large-scale travelling seminar with a large number of participants.

When you plan and manage business or corporate travel, you will be offered a complete package of essential services:

  1. reservations and purchase of air tickets (train tickets) to the desired date, reservation of charter flights;

  2. selection, booking, accommodation at the hotel;

  3. registration of working / business visas;

  4. organization of any transfer (hotel - airport), transport service;

  5. VIP service at the airport;

  6. round the clock information support of the call center; services of a personal manager;

  7. free delivery of air tickets and vouchers;

  8. Medical Insurance Policy;

  9. reporting and accounting documentation of the costs of your company on the trips.



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