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Frequently asked questions
Do I need a visa when buying a ticket?

The visa regime depends on destination. For some countries, the entry or transit visas are required. We recommend that you contact the visa department of GLOBAL AIR or embassies of all countries included into your route, for registration of the necessary permits before the trip.

If the validity of my document (passport), is about to expire, can I travel?

Your document (passport) should be valid for at least the whole period of your trip. But in view of the specific requirements of some countries, it may be required that the validity of the document would be even considerably longer than the duration of your trip (often at least 6 months). Learn more about all the requirements for passports, please verify details before a trip, in the offices of GLOBAL AIR - or embassy of the country you intend to visit.

Why is the cost of the ticket for the same route, changing depending on the time?

Full ticket price consists of taxes (as a rule, a constant value) - a variety of fees (for fuel, ground handling of aircraft and passenger service at the airport, air navigation services and flight safety, and much more) and the rate - which is the basic airfare as determined by the carrier. It depends on the demand (popularity) in a particular direction, taking into account the time of year, season, day of week and time of day. Accordingly, the two tickets for the same route but at different times may differ in value.

Why is the cost of a ticket on the same flight and in the same class of service different?

Tariffs (cost of air service) - are divided into normal and special. "Normal" (flexible) tariffs - are higher (expensive) rates without restrictions, which can be used by any passenger for the trip. Special (Special) - are relatively cheap, discount rates, which can be limited by time of reservation and its terms of payment, the length of stay at the destination, the terms of change of dates, refusal of transportation, etc.and can be provided to certain categories of passengers (students, senior citizens, corporate rates and so forth.). Ticket price and applied tariffs do not affect the quality of service on board the aircraft. The passenger can be sure to get seat in the cabin, and the service corresponding to the class.

Is it possible to register my ticket to another passenger?

International air traffic regulations preclude such a possibility. However, if the tariff rules provide reimbursement of airline ticket, you should contact the nearest office of GLOBAL AIR for the procedures of refusal of carriage and registration of a new ticket. It is important to express the desire to return ticket as soon as possible - it will allow to process required changes with minimal penalties.

Can I return a ticket if I do not get a visa?

Sometimes this can be done because some airlines permit to return air ticket when the passenger are refused entry and / or transit. For return authorization, you should submit to the airline a scanned page of the passport (with the stamp of the refusal) as well as an official letter from the consulate (with your data, and seal).

Can I use only a part of the ticket (route)?

You can use only the first portion of the route, while not using the second portion. For example: having a ticket with a route: Almaty - Frankfurt - Paris-Frankfurt - Almaty, you can use the distance Almaty - Paris Frankfurt- without using the return flight. But if you got to Paris, while not using the ticket, you cannot use it on your return portion.

I picked up a tour on your site, how do I buy it?

Good afternoon! You can buy a tour by sending us a request directly from our website (by filling out the form "Request tour"), or in our office at the following address: Almaty, st. Kunaev, 85, tel. +7 (727) 258 39 39.

What do I do if I was rejected at the Embassy?

Stamp on refusal of a visa in your passport does not prohibit the re-filing. Analyze the reasons why you might be denied a visa. If it is due to problems with the documents, you are recommended to fix the comments and apply again. If for some reason you are entered into the database of undesirable persons, it is in your best interest to find out exactly this reason.

Do I need to buy insurance for travel?

Today tourists going abroad, shall have medical insurance. Do not skimp on the policy, even if it is not a prerequisite for the trip, because in case of illness or accident, medical costs will be disproportionately greater than the cost of the insurance policy.

How long should a foreign citizen register with the migration police?

Basically within 5 days from the date of crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but it depends on the nationality of the applicant.

What is the period of stay of foreign citizens by the Kazakh visa of category D2 for one entry?

60 days.

Is it possible to get a visa to residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United States for 5 years?

In case of a positive response on the visa, it is possible.

Is there an accelerated process of obtaining visas to the countries of the Schengen Union?


In the case of a combined tour across the countries, of Schengen Union, to the Embassy of what country do I need to apply for a visa?

To the Embassy of the state of first entry into the Schengen union or to the Embassy of the country in which the applicant mainly plans to remain the longest.

Starting what age applicants shall present in person when they apply for a visa in the Schengen Union?

Starting age of 12.

Can I file the child's documents for visa to the country that is part of Schengen Union countries using the insert child data in the passport of one parent?

You cannot. The child should have its own valid passport with an expiration date at least 6 months.

What is a "last minute deal (or last minute travel offer)," and whether the service level drops due to decreasing cost of the tour?

"Last minute" appears when the operator has remaining free space on the plane or in the hotel. The operator is driving prices down sharply to avoid being in a certain loss. The level of service remains the same. Advantageously, such tours are sold in two or three days prior to shipment at discounted prices. Moreover, the discount can reach up to 60%.

What is a transfer?

Transfer - is a meeting at the airport and escort to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport.

Do I need a power of attorney from the parents for the child to travel, and if it goes with one of the parents?

Yes, you do.

What is the minimum period of validity of passports for citizens of Kazakhstan for traveling abroad?

6 months.

Is it true that if I had the Israeli visa, I would be denied a visa to the UAE?

No, no problems with the visa in the UAE.

What is the cancellation coverage?

Insurance case is the inability of the POLICYHOLDER to make a tourist trip due to:

1. Death of the insured or his close relatives (children, spouse (s), parents, sisters and brothers)

2. Diseases (injury) of the insured or a close relative caused no earlier than 15 days before the departure date specified in the tourist permit and if treatment is required in a hospital.

3. Failure to obtain an entry visa despite the timely submission of documents for registration of a tourist trip for up to 40 days.

4. Requirement to appear in court to attend the trial as an accused, victim or civil defendant.

5. POLICYHOLDER's early return due to illness, the treatment of which shall take place in a hospital and / or death of close relatives

What if I lose my documents during the trip?

In this case, you need as quickly as possible to apply to the diplomatic representation of the country, the citizen / subject of which you are, in a country where your documents have been lost. Also, you shall report it to the police. At the diplomatic representation you will need a copy of your passport, preferably a copy of your civil passport and two photos of the "passport" size. Only then you will be issued temporary identity documents suitable only for the return home. If together with the documents you also have been robbed of money, the diplomatic mission will help you finance your return home. However, these funds will have to be returned on arrival.

What documents shall be issued by tourist company where I purchase the tour?

First of all you have to conclude an agreement on buying a route sheet with the tour company, which subsequently regulates civil legal relationship between you and the travel company. Then the route sheet itself, which states: the point of departure and arrival (country, city), tour dates (days / nights), the name and the level of the hotel, comfort level of rooms (SNGL, DBL, etc.), transfer and excursions (if it is included in the price), mode of transport (air, rail).

What are the guarantees of visa opening when purchasing the trip?

Terms of visas for entry into a particular country are established by consular authorities of a particular country, and no foreign consular office ever promises to the travel agency one hundred percent visa permission to its customers. No other organization can guarantee to tourists one hundred percent visa permission. The final decision to grant a visa is always in full and exclusive authority of the relevant embassy. Powers of travel agencies include: Verification of profiles, control over a complete set of visa documents , and their timely submission to the embassy for review. At the same time travel agency has no influence on the decision of foreign consular offices for visa, acting only as an intermediary representing the interests of the customer. The Embassy has the discretion to request additional documents from the tourist or assign a personal interview.

Is it possible to travel around the Schengen countries with a visa of one of these countries?

It is possible, however, at the same time it is necessary to strictly observe the following rules: rule of the "main country" - when traveling in several countries of the Schengen, visa shall always be registered in the Embassy of the country, which accounts for the main part of your trip; "rule of the first entry" - if the main country is not defined (all countries along the route have equal number of days of stay), the visa is issued by the embassy of the country of the first entry (in this case it is necessary to enter the Schengen precisely through this country). Violation of these rules can lead to deportation or denial of a visa at the subsequent visit.

What are the reasons for the possible refusal of a visa?

Usually, the embassy does not explain the reason for the refusal. However, the cause of refusal can be the following factors: pre-existing visa violations (overdue visa, the use of visas not on purpose, failure to comply with the rules of "the first entry", illegal work, etc.), the applicant already has had refusals in other embassies, violations of public order, recorded during previous trips, unpaid fines and court costs, being suspected of threatening state security or public safety, false documents, concealment or misrepresentation of personal data, concealment of dual citizenship or having residence in another country, etc. In addition, they can refuse on suspicion of intending to immigrate illegally or on the basis of inconclusive data on financial solvency. We always inform the client about the current visa regulations and caution against hasty steps.

What is the "All Inclusive"?

Principle All Inclusive – means drinks and meals included in the tour price, at the place of residence. This feature is standard in the first place for Turkey, Egypt and the Dominican. Meals significantly vary depending on the star of hotels. By the way, at about the same cost of tours to Turkey and Spain (Greece, Cyprus, etc.), eventually the first will cost considerably cheaper precisely because of the option "all inclusive".

What determines the hotel’s number of starts?

Stars of hotels are determined by the infrastructure and site, animation, availability of the beach, room quality and the level of meals and is quite conventional concept. Most five-star hotels, in fact, cannot boast of quality services worthy of this level, at the same time there are excellent three-star hotels that are as good as four-star ones, etc.

What is “Duty Free”?

"Duty Free" - is a zone of free trade, which sells primarily cigarettes, alcohol, sweets and perfumes. Due to the absence of excise duties, all products are much cheaper than in traditional stores. Such kind of shops are located mainly in the airport, and the tourist gets access to them only after receiving a boarding pass immediately before departure. But there are exceptions, for example, in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt) the store "Duty Free" is located in the city, and within 24 hours after the arrival a tourist can purchase goods there.

What period do I select for my travel plans?

When planning your vacation, always remember the tourist season. The choice is determined by your preferences.

In summer, everyone traditionally has a rest on the sea, and in the winter it is better to go to a guided tour, or visit the ski resort.

The most expensive time for the vacation - is a "high" season, July and August. It is at this time in the resorts there is the largest number of tourists. Therefore, sometimes it is better to postpone the vacation until the fall, to the "velvet season", when the prices for hotel accommodation are falling, and the weather at many popular resorts (Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Spain) become perfect for relaxing. Period falling on late May - early June is also attractive for reasonable prices and good weather conditions.

Mid-January and all of February - is a traditional period of special offers, and at this time it is cost-effective to rest at sea, and in the ski resorts.

What types of meals are there in hotels and how they differ from each other?

SC - completely without meals (usually in apartments)

A-la carte - the opportunity to eat only by menu that contains the value of each dish

BB (bed & breakfast) - the most popular type of meals in the European hotels. It includes breakfast only at a buffet

HB (half board) - half board, which includes breakfast and dinner. This is usually buffet style.

FB (full board) - this type of meals is called a full board, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on a buffet

ALL, Al (all inclusive) - "All Inclusive" which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is sure a buffet, and besides it differs from full board in the fact that during the day you can drink without any restrictions alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks of local production. And that is not all, if you get hungry during the day, you can safely count on the extra food. This may be a brunch, lunch, snacks during the day

UAL, UAI (ultra aIl inclusive) - this type of meals is called "ultra all inclusive", which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is certainly a buffet. The main difference from the usual "all inclusive" is an offer of drinks not just of local, but also foreign production. Also in this type of food you will find not only a buffet, but you will also be able to eat in a variety of World Cuisines. An additional advantage is the availability of desserts, goodies and other snacks throughout the day.

What documents are required to take with in a foreign trip?

Passport for traveling abroad, which certifies your identity (with proper visa pasted into it). Be sure to make a photocopy of your passport and keep it separate from the original. We also recommend to take a photocopy of your usual regular passport and two photos of "passport" size. Photocopies of the passports and photographs can be very useful to you if you lose your documents.


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