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UIA informs about important information - a paid registration is made on UIA flights.
UIA offers for you a free online check-in for flights.

Passengers have the opportunity to choose their seat in the salon and make online registration 48 hours prior to departure via the mobile application "online registration" or on the UIA website.

If the passenger does not register online, the UIA will do it on their own through the automatic check-in system for the flight, which starts 12 hours before departure.
The passengers will receive their electronic boarding pass for e-mail addresses / mobile phone number that were specified when buying a ticket.
For passengers who could not register in advance, online registration from their own mobile devices will also be available at the airport before departure.

It is important that the passenger has a boarding pass in the form printed or loaded on the mobile device.
If the passenger did not take advantage of any of the above opportunities and decided to get his boarding pass on the counter passengers, traveling on an economic class, from October 1, 2017, on short / medium-haul flights flights can do this at the airport for a fee. For the provision of a boarding pass (coupons) at the airport, a fee of 20USD / 20EUR is levied.

For departure airports of the UIA route network, which do not provide an opportunity to conduct online registration and receive a boarding pass, boarding passes will be issued at these airports for free. 

Important! The indicated tariffs for the service are applied:

in EUR - when paying in EU countries. 
in USD - when paying in Ukraine and other countries that are not members of the European Union.

You can receive the boarding pass (coupons) free of charge at the airport check-in desk for the following categories of passengers:
  • passengers of premium-economic and business class;
  • passengers who made an extra charge for increasing the comfort level of airtravels;
  • registered online passengers with printed / mobile boarding coupons that buy paid seats at the airport of departure.

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