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It is a country of the South American continent, located in the southern hemisphere of the planet, which means that the seasons are diametrically opposed to those in our country. This makes it possible to change our Kazakhstani winter to summer in Argentina, near the shore of the warm ocean. Visa-free regime, approved recently, allows you to go to the country of passion and tango instantly.

The best time to visit the country - is a period of great carnivals that only in this beautiful country continues for 2 months. At that time, Argentina's beaches turn into a solid permanent feast of dances, songs and performances.

Capital: Buenos Aires

Largest cities: Buenos Aires, Kardoba, Rosario

Official language: Spanish

Area: 2,766,890 sq km

Population: 42,610,981 people.

Currency: Argentine Peso


Of course, the first thing any traveler will appreciate, - is the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is interesting for Catholic churches. Every year thousands of tourists visit Buenos Aires with the aim to visit the famous bullfighting. It will be interesting to take a trip to the city of Cordoba. The city is superior to Buenos Aires by urban architecture. Besides, from Cordoba excursions are made to the Argentine steppe - Pampa, home to local gaucho cowboys.

The unique urban culture and nightlife of Argentineans will not bore anyone. A trip on a ranch in the foothills of the Andes will give every man the opportunity to feel like a real Argentine gaucho. In addition, the Andean mountains are attractive with volcanoes, beautiful lakes and national parks Lanin and Nahuel Huapi. You should definitely visit show "Fiesta gaucho" and "Tango show", which will allow you to learn the life, cuisine, music and customs of the hot Argentine gaucho cowboys.

Beautiful, clean beaches of the Atlantic Ocean with the developed infrastructure will give fans of soothing relaxation a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday. Beaches in Argentina are very popular among fans of surfing and diving. The best place for diving - is the island Valdos, diving season - is March to September. The swimming season in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Argentina begins in November and lasts through April.

National Parks such as Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia and Iguazu Falls in the province Missiones, nature parks Ischigualasto Provincial Park and Talampayya are natural monuments of world significance, flora and fauna, which is preserved here, formed about 230 million years ago.

All arriving to Argentina should go after breathtaking views on a tour to one of the highest waterfalls of the world Iguazu, starting from the city of Puerto Iguazu. In the midst of the most beautiful tropical forests in the park there are around 300 Iguazu waterfalls.

The proximity of Argentina to the South Pole gives the opportunity to watch the arctic penguins, whales and sea lions. Very popular are the ocean tours to Cape Horn, Antarctica and Patagonia. You can go to the southernmost city in the world - the city of Ushuaia, where you can profitably spend money on shopping and souvenirs in the local market.


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