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Republic of Austria

- is one of the most developed countries of Western Europe and the richest countries in the world today. It is a member of the EU and the UN. Combines 9 federal states: Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Tyrol and capital of Vienna. In 1955 (after the end of the occupation) Austria declared permanent neutrality and non-alignment with any military blocs.

The country is very attractive for tourists - it has everything for every taste and rich history, and very special architecture and galleries with paintings and the famous Opera and famous ski resorts in the Alps, and the divine beauty of nature with lakes, and caves, and winemaking traditions, coffee shop of Austria is listed in the UNESCO heritage, it is a well-balanced cuisine (be sure to try the famous Austrian apple strudel, schnitzel, Viennese sausages, Sacher cake, Viennese coffee).
A country with a mild climate, perfectly developed transport and infrastructure for tourism. You can travel by car, bicycle, train, take a cruise on the Danube, or wander on foot through the capital - Vienna, viewing attractions or taking a cab ride (carriage drawn by horses).
Capital: Vienna

Largest cities: Vienna, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg, city resorts of Mayrhofen, Zell am See, Serfaus

Official language: German

Area: 83,871 square kilometers

Population: 8,460,000 people.

Currency: Euro

Austria is famous for its variety of attractions, this is an amazing combination of stunning natural scenery and heritage of European culture. This country can be visited and is interesting to visit at any time of year: in the winter skiing on the snowy slopes of the alpine resorts, costumed Carnival, Christmas markets and in the spring across the country they hold a beer festival - Gauderfest, in the fall - Wine festivals in the Danube valley in Styria and Burgenland. Rich musical past of the country is associated with such famous names as Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, Schubert, Beethoven. You can visit one of the best opera houses in the world Vienna State Opera, or the opera house in Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, where the best "voices" of the planet tend to perform.

In imperial Vienna among the places to visit are the historic city center (completely pedestrian), palaces (now the museums) of the Habsburg dynasty - Schönbrunn, the Hofburg (in the treasury they store Crown of Empire) built in the Baroque Belvedere, St. Stephen's Cathedral in the Gothic at the Shtefanplats with a viewing playground and catacombs, Kunsthistorisches Museum (which houses the world's largest collection of works by Brueghel, masterpieces of Vermeer, Raphael, Velasquez, Rubens, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Titian and Tintoretto), "Kunsthaus" (house is of very unusual architecture and design in the authorship of Hundertwasser), the Museum "Albertina," Secession (built by Gustave Klimt), Naschmarkt, amusement park "Prater" (with the oldest Ferris wheel in Europe, where in a special booth you can order a romantic dinner and see the city from a bird's eye). You just need to walk past the Houses of Parliament and City Hall (a very impressive building in the Gothic style), where they organize various fairs and performances, where you can taste local cuisine. You can rest from city fuss, enjoying the sounds of live classical and folk music, not only in the theaters, specialized salons (Kursalon), but just outside in the wonderful parks. Special attention should be given to Vienna Forest, which inspired Strauss to write "Tales of the Vienna Woods." This huge in area (105 ha) old park has been a favorite place for walking both of emperors and creative elite, here you can also visit the observation deck, of the spiral tower Leopold Figl, see the fortress and structures of the XIII century, enjoy the thermal spa of Baden with the oldest casino of the country. During a trip to Vienna, you can use the Vienna Card, which gives free travel on all public transport, metro and big discounts at most museums, cafes and restaurants in the city.

Other places of interest in Austria
Innsbruck: Alpine Zoo - the highest in Europe; Cathedral of St. James; "Golden Roof"; Hofburg; Hofkirche; Street Maria Theresa; Ambras Castle; Tyrolean Folk Art Museum; Anhenzee; fortress Kufstein

Museum "Crystal Worlds of Swarovski» (Tyrol) - a maze of 7 rooms with the exposition of the best crystals of the world

Abbey in Melk

Vienna: Schönbrunn Zoo - the oldest in Europe
Dachstein caves (in Upper Austria), ice caves

Grossglockner glacier

Museum of Upper Austria, City Museum, New Gallery and the Diocesan Museum in Linz

Green Lake in Austria (Styria)
Salzburg: Baroque Museum (the second most important art collection of the country), Toy Museum, House of Nature and the house on the street Getreydegasse, the birthplace of the great Mozart; the medieval castle of Hohensalzburg, the Mirabell castle (XV-XVIII cc.), with its famous gardens Mirabelgarten (designed in 1690-1730)
New Gallery and the Diocesan Museum in Linz

St. Polten - the capital of Lower Austria: It is interesting to visit the Museum "Im Hof" on Hessshtrasse, Palace Pottenbrun (collection of medieval goblets), urban cultural center with the Festival hall, exhibition hall and a modern tower, the Historical Museum of Lower Austria and the Museum of Modern Art in Baroque Palace Karmeliterhof


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