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It is a country of holiday, a country where both locals and tourists stay in the same ecstatic state, because in this country everbody shares a burning love for life and the desire to enjoy every day. The locals - are  mestizos of Europeans, Africans and Indians. Here, everyone loves a carnival, dance of samba, football and an endless feast.

Brazil - is beautiful long beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, about 8000 kilometers, it is 134 national parks, it is the Amazon jungle, it is the richest in the world plant and animal life. Most tourists in Brazil - are  single adventurers or couples in love. Very rarely here you can meet the resting families with children.

Capital: Brasilia

Largest cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Brasilia

Official language: Portuguese

Area: 8,514,877 sq km

Population: 201,009,622 people.

Currency: Brazilian real


Acquaintance with the country can be started with the famous city of Rio de Janeiro, where the history of the Brazilian carnival begins. It will be interesting to visit the National Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art with a collection of artifacts from around the world, the Museum of American Indians and other museums. To visit the Bay of Guanabara, offering fabulous views over the entire Rio. There is a hill "Sugarloaf". Walk along the beach of Copacabana will forever be remembered along with Corcovado hill, with the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, towering on it - a huge statue of Jesus Christ. From Rio de Janeiro you can go to the town of Petropolis, on a sea voyage to tropical islands Bernardo or botanical garden with a collection of plants from different climatic zones of Brazil. The ancient city of Petropolis preserved Imperial Palace, hike to which allows you to to plunge into the history and customs of the country. In the town everything reminds of roots of the Portuguese in Brazil in conjunction with the royal nobility. It is worth visiting another charming green town of Belo Horizonte, surrounded by picturesque hills and tall white buildings. Another important city in Brazil - Sao Paulo is the most ultra-modern and developed throughout Latin America.  The country's capital, Brasilia, is today one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it was built on the site of the rainforest for 3 years by 1960. The idea and architecture of the city surprise with their uniqueness. Plan of the capital from the bird's-eye view has the shape of an airplane with the "fuselage", where the main administrative buildings are located and "wings" - residential areas. Each building is a true piece of art.

The pearl of the south of Brazil are Iguazu Falls. Many attribute this unforgettable show to one of the wonders of the world, thanks to the vortex of spray of 72-meter waterfall, and a magic rainbow hanging over the valley. After touring the waterfalls you can go by jeep to the farm, where you can taste buffalo milk, natural fruit juices and true Brazilian coffee.

A trip to the exotic bird park is extremely fascinating. In Brazil, it is desirable to visit the cities of Salvador and Recife, which reflect the African, Dutch tradition of Brazilian life.

The Amazon jungle is striking in its beauty, which is called the "lungs of the planet". The capital of the state of Amazon is Manaus. Manaus resembles with its architecture a medieval city in Europe and at the same time in a 10-minute walk from the city center there are huts on stilts, covered with palm branches, where Indian families live. The entire city is surrounded by wildlife and is one of the cleanest places in the world. In the same region you can see the lake Januari, which represents ecological park, located between two rivers. In these places you can meet giant water lilies Victoria Regia.

You can present yourself a real feast for all life, visiting the Brazilian carnival, which takes place annually in the month of February. When you are planning to go to the carnival in Brazil, it is necessary to prepare for the trip in good time in September, and even earlier.


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