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It is the world’s second largest country after Russia. This country is considered one of the cleanest countries in the world. For several years it has been recognized as the best country to live according to UN commission, where it is good to live among friendly people.

Founded by the French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534, Canada as a nation originates from the French colony at the site of the modern city of Quebec originally inhabited by indigenous peoples. After a period of British colonization from the union of three British colonies (the former territory of New France) Canadian Confederation was born. Canada gained independence from the United Kingdom as a result of the peace process from 1867 to 1982.

Currently, Canada is a federal state consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The province with a predominantly French-speaking population - is Quebec and the rest - are mostly English-speaking provinces. The territories in the north-west and Nunavut recognize 11 official languages!

Capital: Ottawa

Largest cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary

Official language: English, French

Area: 9,984,670 sq km

Population: 34,568,211 people.

Currency: Canadian dollar


Landmarks of Canada - these are primarily amazing beautiful nature, architectural monuments (mostly modern), and finally, culture of aboriginal tribes.

The unique nature of the country attracts many tourists, where natural complexes preserved in their original condition and are "at hand"  of modern cities, from where they are easily accessible to visit.

The attention of tourists are attracted by numerous national parks: Banff, Mount Robson, Wood Buffalo (bison habitat), Jasper (famous with glaciers, lakes and hot springs), Verandri in Quebec, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and Nahanni, Waterton Lakes (Alberta ), Glacier, and Kluane, waterfalls on the river Plis River, Nature Reserve Oyuittik on Baffin Island. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence you can see migrating herds of whales, and to the west, in the National Park Pacific Rim (Vancouver Island) sea otters (otters) and eared seals live. Glaciers and waterfalls can be admired in parks Kutno, Glacier, Yoho.

Ontario - the largest by number of inhabitants province of the country is famous for its vineyards, which produces the lion's share of Canadian wines, and its "Big Horseshoe" of Niagara Falls, Ontario lake system, Erie and Huron.

Fans of skiing from province of British Columbia, have to visit Vancouver, Richmond and Stiveston. Vacationers on the slopes of Tremblant can go on a tour of the city of Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, or Ottawa.

The main attractions of the capital city of Ottawa - are the Parliament, the Peace Tower with 53 bells, a picturesque quarter around the Byward Market Hall, the Rideau Canal (in the winter turns into the longest skating rink in the world - 8 km), Stables of the Royal Police, numerous museums, galleries and theaters.

In the outskirts of the capital there are interesting beautiful fortified town of Kingston, where a famous Irish Festival is held, Fort Henry (1812), the famous "Thousand Islands" in Lake Ontario, Thunder Bay on Lake Superior (the third largest river port in the world), fort William on the river Kaministikia, 300-meter-high mountain Nanibizhu, Nature Reserve Pukaskua, pretty town of Sainte-Marie with a historical museum in the old house "Ermatindzher," beautiful area of canyons Agave and Niagara Falls.

Toronto (in the language of the Huron - "meeting place") - a huge metropolis and the leading cultural and commercial center of Canada, an international standard of cleanliness and order. Attractions of the city - are pile entertainment complex in the square of Ontario, Hyde Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, the picturesque island of Toronto Islands Park on Lake Ontario, rocks Scarborough (15 km), gilded tower, Royal Bank Plaza, Concert Hall Roy Thomson Hall, tower "CN tower" (553 m) - the symbol of the city, the Art Gallery, the whole "constellation" of first-class museums and the Toronto Zoo. The city has many restaurants and nightlife is focused in the streets Jonge, Bloor and University, as well as in the area of Yorkville and quarter Beaches.

Interesting fact is that the musicians, when they want to make money in the subways of Toronto alone, must have more than just a desire. Special Commission arranges audition for them and only elected are given the license, for which you need to pay $ 150.

In addition to the excellent world-class hotels and fine restaurants in the country you will be able to find even the castles of 18-19 centuries, built for defense.


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