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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

it is a real paradise. If you want to visit a place with a beautiful beach with palm trees, or from the commercial of Bounty chocolate, then go just to the Dominican Republic. At this point that very image can be turned into reality, and appear in front of you with wide beaches and white sand, tall palm trees and an endless horizon…

The Dominican Republic is the most popular destination among the Caribbean. Several important factors have come together here - it is the presence of beach holidays, tropical climate and magnificent sights and monuments. On top of that in the Dominican Republic there is a place for a wonderful high-level service, there is everything for tourism.

Capital: Santo Domingo

Largest cities: Santo Domingo

Official language: Spanish

Area: 48,730 square kilometers

Population: 10,219,630 people.

Currency: Dominican Peso


World famous resort of Punta Cana is located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana - is a series of resorts with luxury hotels, restaurants, nightlife and white sand beaches.

City of Higuey is an hour's drive from the resort area of Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach, which makes a visit here an excellent opportunity to diversify a beach holiday on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. In Higuey you can go to see one of the most extraordinary churches in the world - the Church of the Virgin Altagracia, named after the patron saint of the Dominican people.

The Dominican Republic is considered to be the best destination for adventure and eco-tourism in the entire Caribbean. The island of Hispaniola (on the maps of the CIS countries - Haiti) - is the second largest island of the region, 25% of the surface area of which is covered by the national parks and natural scientific reserve. Today most of them are available for visitors. The right place for fans of eco-tourism will not be difficult to find. Almost every region has a ranch, perfect for ecotourism and recreation.

The Dominican Republic is included in the routes of 11 cruise lines, so everyone can go on a cruise.

According to many prestigious magazines, the Dominican Republic is the best choice for a wedding or honeymoon. Authors of ratings claim that here you can find an amazing combination of lush tropical gardens, white sand beaches and a unique atmosphere of privacy and comfort.


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