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Indonesia - Bali Island

Holiday in Bali - is a combination of the exotic and excellent service of 5 * hotels.

"Island of the Gods", "Earthly Paradise", "The Treasure of the Indonesian archipelago" - all sorts of guides give a variety of epithets to Bali.

Bali is an hour's flight from Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, and in two hours - from the neighboring city-state of Singapore. The island of magic and mystery cults, colorful ceremonies and natural splendor, nature is harmoniously combined with the original Hindu culture. Bali - is broad rice terraces, coconut palms, volcanic mountains, tropical jungles, white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean. Along with the modern infrastructure of tourism on the island there is a combination of closely guarded national traditions and everyday lifestyle of welcoming and hospitable people. You will witness exotic ancient rituals and fabulous ceremonial actions taking place every day in the many temples across the island.

Capital: Jakarta

Largest cities: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Bekasi, Medan, Tangerang, Depok, Semarang, Palembang, Makassar, South Tangerang

Official language: Indonesian

Area: 1,919,440 sq km

Population: 253,609,643 people.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah


Bali is traditionally called the state of theater. Dance and drama since ancient times have played a major role in the life of the Balinese. Particularly popular is Barong dance, depicting the struggle between good and evil in the universe. You will be impressed with articles of craftsmen: wood carving, pottery, painting and sculpture, secrets are passed down from generation to generation. It is no accident that all the hotels on the island are built in a unique national style. The main building material - is natural wood. Variety of forms of furniture and design is countless! The main town of the province - is Denpasar. There is also an international airport. Nightlife centers around the city shopping center Kumbasari and two other nocturnal shopping centers located at the bus station: Kereng and in the building of the market Pasam Malam Kereneng. Here you will find all the famous seaside resorts of the island - Sanur, Kuta Beach, Tyuban, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Bay, Ubud.


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