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It is one of the most mysterious countries in the world. This country bears traces of ancient civilizations and attracts seekers of adventurers, legends and myths, and everyone wishing to actually see the ancient city. To Peru, you should go at least to enjoy the magnificent scenery in the dizzying Andes or the sunsets in the valley of the Amazon River, stunning in their beauty.

Traveling across the most part of the country is best during the dry season - from May to October, and in the coastal area, in the beach resort you can travel during the rainy season - from January to March.

Mysterious and wise culture of the rule of the Inca left many cultural monuments that still attract people with their unsolved philosophical meaning.

Capital: Lima

Largest cities: Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo

Official Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Area: 1,285,220 sq km

Population: 30,475,144 people.

Currency: Peruvian Nuevo Sol


To the country of original and unusual culture, Peru, people go for a fascinating journey.

Located on the Pacific coast, the capital of Peru, Lima is surrounded by greenery and is of great interest to tourists. One of the main attractions of the city - is an ancient fountain of the 12th century. But honorable changing of the guard in front of the Palace of Government is not inferior to entertainment ceremony in London. Then you can move to the city of Arequipa - the second largest city in Peru. It is built in the Spanish national style of white stone and is considered the most beautiful city in Peru. Here you can climb the volcano. In order to visit the ancient city and the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco, you have to go to the southwest of the country. A visit to this city - is one of the prerequisites of acquaintance with Peru. Here, every building stores antiquity - the temple Coricancha and Convent of Santo Domingo church and convent of La Merced. Another interesting place is the quarter of San Blas artisans. Near Cusco there is indian fortress Sacsayhuaman, a prime example of reliable building by Inca, Tambomachay - is known as the "Inca baths," Kenko - is "labyrinth of Incas." Not far from the city of Cuzco, there are ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, and residents in the area still adhere to the ancient customs.

And of course, the main feature of Peru, which attracts tourists from all over the world - is the most famous and mysterious monument of culture of the ancient people of the Incas - Machu Picchu. People are also visiting the Nazca desert to see another amazing place, dating back to 350-700 BC - Square stone plateau, covered with mysterious figures of enormous size made as one continuous line, embossed in stone. Once in Peru, you should definitely go to a place occupied by evergreen forests, jungle, inhabited by pure blood Indian tribes.

On top of that Peru -  is also a great beach holiday on the white sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean, and modern fashionable forms of entertainment: diving, surfing, eco-tourism, mountaineering and climbing.

It is about Peru we can say a picture is worth 1,000 words …


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