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"Pearl", a very special country in the heart of Europe, real myth. Here you will find a greater contrast than anywhere else. The astonishing variety of landscapes, architecture, language and culture make this country  a special little world, Europe of pocket size. Switzerland - is a classic tourist country which concentrates in a small space the beauty of nature and outstanding works of human hands.

The foundation of the international tourism was laid by the English, attracted here by high mountain peaks of the Alps and a breathtaking panorama.

In this small country, France, Italy and Germany have surprisingly met and intertwined. In nature - there is a variety of landscapes: mountains, lakes, and small plateaus. By the political system - it is a confederation with 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh.

Somewhere in another country you need to do a multi-day trip to experience the natural and climatic contrasts - in Switzerland you will succeed in a few hours! Live colorful mosaic framed by lakes and rivers! Any tourist who first comes to Switzerland, will be struck by its beauty.

Capital: Bern

Largest cities: Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne

Official languages: German, French, Italian, Romance (Swiss Romansh)

Area: 41,284 square kilometers

Population: 7,996,026 people.

Currency: Swiss franc


Usually tourists arrive by plane to Zurich or Geneva - in both cities, life is pulsing, both are marked by refined elegance and harmonious combination of evidences and symbols of two millennia of European history and culture. Further, all roads lead to romantic Bern, the youngest city in the country, producing, however, the most "medieval" impression. Then - Interlaken, the central point of the "golden pass" - a favorite way of several generations of tourists with endpoints in Lucerne, on the shores of Lake Vierwaldstättersee or in Montreux on Lake Geneva. And finally - to the highest railway station in Europe - Jungfraujoch (3454 m above sea level).

The striking combination of natural beauty, ski resorts, cultural and historical diversity and the country's good reputation as a financial and industrial center, make Switzerland  extremely attractive to tourists from all over the world.


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