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– is a country descendant of the great empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, which in different periods reigned for a long time, not only on the territory of modern Turkey, but also in much of Europe. Many architectural monuments, the diversity of climate, the hospitality of the people, the high level of service, luxury accommodation and service "All Inclusive" - have become the key to the desired destination for tourists from many countries in Turkey.

Buying "last minute" tour or a planned trip to Turkey on the basis of "All Inclusive" means a break from all the daily duties and plunge into the carefree pastime. On request, you can purchase additional excursions to the most beautiful places and sights. The main resorts of Turkey are: Antalya (in the southern part of the country near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea), Bodrum and Marmaris (on the Aegean coast), and the Turkish Cypriot part of the island, which is becoming increasingly popular.

It is not enough just to visit the resort in Turkey to assess all the splendor of the country. To discover and know the "charm of the East" you need to visit the great city of Istanbul (in ancient times it bore the name of Constantinople) wtih the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, the famous bazaars with traders who take their daily work with a particular approach and charm that causes admiration and satisfaction from shopping. It is impossible not to mention the variety of sweets (the national dish of baklava), preserving the ancient recipes. The list goes on ski resorts in Turkey, which offer excellent slopes of various levels of difficulty, mountain resort with thermal mineral springs and, in addition, the good shopping.

Now, Are you sure you have been to Turkey and had time to know this eastern country in all its glory?

We offer you to taste new sensations from a trip to Turkey!

Capital: Ankara

Largest cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Konya

Official language: Turkish

Area: 783,562 sq km

Population: 76,667,864 people.

Currency: Turkish lira


Istanbul - is a modern metropolis, the third most populous city in Europe, and is the former capital of the great powers - the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. There is something to see here: high-speed highways, the magnificent buildings of glass and concrete, luxury shopping malls and offices of leading international companies, and adjacent to them narrow streets and ancient mosques, bazaars bustling with trade rows, filled with high-quality textiles, leather, wood products , silver, bronze.

Modern Turkish resorts offer entertainment for every taste - rafting, playing golf and horse riding, tennis and sailing, the famous Turkish baths and relaxation in cozy bars and cafes, grandiose disco, and concerts of world stars and more.

Анталия из Алматы
Анталия из Алматы

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