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It is one of the most interesting and exciting South American countries. It is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Venezuela has a variety of landscapes and climates, thus, in the west there are the highest peaks of Venezuela (Andes mountain range), in the north lie the Llanos plains in the basin of the Orinoco and Apure and Guiana Highlands across most part of the country. A variety of landscapes, unique nature, warm waters of the bays and white beaches make Venezuela an ideal place to relax.

Capital: Caracas

Largest cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia

Official language: Spanish

Area: 916,445 sq km

Population: 28,459,085 people.

Currency: Venezuelan Bolivar


Introduction of Venezuela begins with Caracas after scoring the name of the city, immediately we involuntarily recall the Brazilian soap operas. The study of the country can be started exactly from the capital, Caracas, and then you may go on a popular tourist route, starting out from that city.

Most of the attractions of Caracas, are concentrated in the old part of the city - El Centro. It is worth to see the Plaza Bolivar, Caracas Museum, the Cathedral Catedral de Caracas, Museum of Sacro de Caracas, a large colonial-style house of Casa Natal de Simon Bolivar. Also interesting is the Museum of Modern Art, which presents the best Venetian artists, paintings of Miro, Chagall, Leger and Picasso.

After reviewing the historical background of the city, you can go to the natural attractions of Venezuela, so that then to enjoy the warm beaches of quiet bays of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Near Caracas, on top of Mount Avila, National Park is located, which can be reached on a comfortable red trailer "teleferiko" by the cableway. Next, you need to go to admire the breathtaking views of the mysterious plateau of Roraima. Many local legends and mystical stories are associated with the plateau.

The main attraction of Venezuela is Angel Falls - the world's highest free falling waterfall at 978 meters, which we recommend visiting to enjoy a beach holiday. In addition to the 2,000 kilometers of beaches of white sand Venezuela owns additional 72 tropical islands. The island of Aruba is located only 20 kilometers from Venezuela and has a reputation as one of the best resorts in the Caribbean Gulf. Almost all the hotels of the island have a casino. And having gone to the archipelago Islas Los Roques, surrounded by a coral barrier reef of marvelous beauty, anyone will get pleasure from diving.

In order to get even more unforgettable experience you shall join street celebrations during the bullfighting or night fiestas.


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