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It is an unusual exotic country, which stretches for 3500 km along the coast of tender South China Sea. Most recently it has still been a place forgotten by world civilization. But over the past few years, Vietnam has become a developed country with excellent opportunities for recreation.

Very cozy and comfortable hotels, crystal-clear waters of South China Sea, fabulous beaches and superb service, have attracted tourists to Vietnam from all over the world, and the capital of the country - Hanoi - has become a real metropolis, while retaining the charm of ancient and mysterious beauty of oriental cities. You can have a vacation in Vietnam all year round!

Vietnam - is a country of low price and high quality. Souvenirs from silver, rare breeds of wood, products of traditional pottery, unsurpassed quality of fabrics can be purchased literally for pennies. Market of souvenirs of handicrafts exists in almost every town and is open from early morning to late evening. The population of this country is very welcoming and friendly.

Amazing, multifaceted and still unsolved Vietnam, its friendly people, great cultural and historical value and natural diversity will fill your vacation with bright impressions and leave a lot of bright and colorful memories!

Capital: Hanoi

Largest cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi

Official language: Vietnamese

Area: 331,210 sq km

Population: 92,477,857 people.

Currency: Vietnamese dong

Along the entire country, from the extraordinarily beautiful Halong Bay to the southern city of Phan Thiet, tempting virgin clean beaches stretch, with fine white or golden sand. This coast is considered to be the most environmentally friendly on the planet. For diving enthusiasts it is a true paradise: crystal clear water of the South China Sea is viewed a few meters in depth.

Coral reefs, the amazing beauty of the shell (sometimes with pearls!), funny crabs and numerous flocks of colorful fairytale fish leave so vivid impression that you want to return here again and again! The prices for diving and equipment rental in Vietnam is quite low. One of the most interesting places for diving and just contemplating the magnificent scenery - is Halong Bay.


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