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Visa to Israel

The Embassy is located in Astana.

The applicant for a visa to Israel, shall have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the expiry of the visa. Visa applications can be submitted in person or through an agent. All applications are made on the official standard application form, signed by the applicant personally. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry.

Consular fee shall be paid prior to the consideration of visa application, the application shall be accepted for consideration only after payment.

General requirements for documents needed to obtain a visa to Israel:

  • Passport
  • Two new color photographs, size (3,5x 4,5) cm.
  • A completed application form.
  • Letter from the employer showing the amount of wages.
  • Copies of the documents of close relatives (wife / husband, children, parents)
  • International health insurance policy (issued upon receipt of a positive response)

In addition to the general requirements, there are specific requirements depending on the purpose of visit to the State of Israel.


  • an invitation from the Israeli travel agency with a description of the route
  • booking confirmation from the hotel in Israel.


  • an invitation from the hospital
  • document on the transfer of an advance payment for treatment to the hospital's bank account
  • a medical certificate from the attending physician certifying primary diagnosis

Visiting relatives:

  • documents proving family relationship
  • a copy of the identity card of the inviting party

Business trip:

  • An invitation from an Israeli company

Official visit:

  • The note from the Foreign Ministry
  • Two completed forms
  • Two color photographs (3,5x4,5) cm.

Note: at the exit of minors you shall provide a notarized consent from parents, with an apostille from the Ministry of Justice

Visa consideration time: from 10 days.

Price: 19700 tenge + shipment of documents separately.

The size of the consular fee may vary at the discretion of the embassy.

Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents and personal presence.

In case of refusal or revocation of a visa, application fee and payment for Services of the travel company shall not be refunded.


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