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Visa to Korea

Applicant for a visa to Korea shall have a passport, the validity of which exceeds the validity of the visa for six months.

Visa applications can be submitted in person or through an agent. All applications are made on the official standard application form from personal signature of the applicant by appointment only, and after paying the consular fee. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry.

Documents required for obtaining a visa to Korea (registration in Almaty):

Business visa:

  • original invitation (certified by a notary in Korea)
  • passport
  • copy of the passport
  • 1 photo (3,5x4,5) cm
  • 1 form (filled in English)
  • certificate of employment indicating the position and salary (on letterhead with stamp, translated into English or Korean)
  • order on a business trip (with translation into English or Korean)
  • power of attorney for the courier

Travel visa:

  • a voucher from the travel agency in Korea or reservation of hotel
  • passport, copy of passport
  • 1 photo (3.5 x 4.5) cm
  • 1 form (filled out in English.)
  • certificate of employment indicating the position and salary (with translation into English. or Korean)
  • A certificate from the bank on the availability of funds in the card account not less than $ 2000 (translated into English or Korean)
  • power of attorney for the courier

Documents accepted: Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 11.00.

Documents issued: from 17.00 to 18.00

Processing time: for 6 days

Transit visa

For the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a visa to a third country and tickets, transit visa is not required, they are permitted leave the transit area without a visa (but only if the passenger is flying further to Japan, USA).


Recently, there have been precedents for refusing entry to the Republic of Korea to foreign nationals who have received a visa in the Korean embassy, due to mismatch of stay and residence status upon the results of inspection carried out at the airport of the Republic of Korea.

Consequently, we ask the citizens who have received a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kazakhstan to pay attention to the following:

1.     Since the entry visa is only "a recommendation to enter" issued by the consul, at the request of the foreigner, entry into the Republic of Korea cannot be allowed at the airport, even with such permission, if check results do not meet the necessary conditions of entry permits.

2.     Currently, the Korean Immigration Service carries out strict control on compliance with the purpose of entry of foreigners and their stay in the Republic of Korea. We ask citizens arriving for tourism or shopping tour also take into account the items mentioned below:

  • the presence of the inviting party or the Korean travel company
  • presence of inviting party at the airport
  • the presence of an accompanying guide of travel agencies
  • the accuracy of the information about the tourist nature of the trip
  • the round trip air ticket, or the fact of the return air ticket reservation
  • the reservation in the intended place of residence and a concrete program of stay
  • the availability of sufficient funds for travel
  • availability of documents confirming the nature of the business trip (the invitation, the contract for import / export, or documents on past transactions, etc.)
  • possession of information about the market for products purchased for export / import and basic knowledge in this field
  • verification of the method of payment for products purchased for import / export (cash, bank transfer, etc.).

Documents accepted: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 12.00.

Documents issued: from 17.00 to 18.00

Processing time: 5-6 working days

Price: the consular fee for one-entry visa up to 3 months - 30 USD, single-entry visa for more than 3 months - 50 USD, for a multiple entry visa for more than 3 months - 80 USD; Services of GLOBAL AIR - AMERICAN EXPRESS - 5000 tenge.

The size of the consular fee may vary at the discretion of the embassy. In case of refusal or revocation of a visa, application fee and payment for Services of GLOBAL AIR - AMERICAN EXPRESS shall not be refunded.


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